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10th Planet Murrieta Jiu Jitsu

10th Planet Jiu Jitsu

10th Planet Jiu Jitsu was founded and first developed in 2003 by Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Master “Eddie Bravo”.  Master Eddie’s goal was to find a more practical application of Jiu Jitsu techniques, that did not rely on grabbing on to the clothes of your opponent, as traditional Brazilian Jiu Jitsu does.  From this concept, he developed a unique and extremely effective style or system of “Clinch” based Jiu Jitsu, which has since revolutionized the world of grappling.  Bravo proved to the world the efficiency and effectiveness of his system in competition against one of the most highly regarded Jiu Jitsu competitors of all time, “Master Royler Gracie”.  10th Planet Jiu Jitsu has since, been on the rise to becoming one of the most popular Jiu Jitsu affiliation in history. 

10th Planet Murrieta owner and head instructor “Coach Drew Murillo” is a student directly under Master Eddie Bravo, and has proudly brought the authentic 10th Planet Jiu Jitsu experience to the southern Inland Empire.  Coach Drew is accomplished in numerous competitive accolades, Including Championship Titles under the North American Grappling Association, Gracie National Tournaments, and Fight 2 Win Pro.  His knowledge and experience is communicated in every class with passion and patience with the intent to help every student reach their goals and maximum potential.

10th Planet Murrieta Karate

Ryūkyū Kempo Karate

Ryūkyū Kempo is a traditional Japanese style of karate.  It teaches a style of close-in striking and blocking as well as a set of grappling, locking, escape techniques, and advanced striking techniques. There are twelve open-hand kata and a number of traditional Okinawan weapons used.  the curriculum was originally brought to the U.S. and developed by Taika Seiyu Oyata who was teaching to reflect his own system of "Life Protection".

Our Karate program is led by Sensei Marcus Moore. The training is heavily self-defense oriented and we teach and test our techniques at all ranges including stand-up, clinch, ground and weapons, using drills and various types of sparring. 

For personal development, we emphasize 5 core principles as well as the following Dōjō kun (training hall rules):

  • Strive for good moral character.

  • Keep an honest and sincere way.

  • Work to cultivate Perseverance.

  • Develop a Respectful Attitude.

  • Learn and keep Discipline